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Falls are among the most common accidents at the workplace. A fall can lead to different kinds of injuries, both minor and major. Employers have a duty to ensure their workplaces are safe for their employees. Below are three ways in which you can prevent fall accidents at your workplace.

  1. i) Wear proper shoes

The rate of accidents related to slips and falls at the workplace can be determined by the footwear of your employees. To avoid these accidents, evaluate the type of heels and slickness of the soles worn. When a fall-related injury happens, it’s important to evaluate the footwear worn to determine whether it played a role in the incident. Make sure your employees wear the expected footwear that is recommended for the task they have been assigned. You’ll need some fall protection systems.

  1. ii) Ensure proper lighting in the workplace

Accidents are bound to increase if your workplace is poorly lit. The tips below will help to avoid accidents.


o             Repair cords, switches, and fixtures immediately they stop functioning

o             Areas around light switches should be accessible and kept clean

o             Any areas that are poorly lit should be kept clear or obstructions or clutter

o             When entering a dark room, the first thing to be done should be turning on the light

o             Work areas should be kept clean and well-lit

o             The dock areas, construction areas, basements, hallways, ramps, staircases and walkways should be properly illuminated.


iii)           Keep obstacles away from walkways and aisles

Materials, clutter, equipment and obstacles in stairwells, entranceways, corridors and aisles can lead to trips. To prevent trip and fall injuries in these areas, proper housekeeping is important. Your company should have procedures and policies that stipulate how cleaning of the areas should be done. Follow the tips below:


o             Carry out occasional inspection for trip and slip hazards

o             Encourage safe work practices such as picking up loose items from the floor and closing file cabinet drawers.

o             Briefcases, files or boxes should not be left in the aisles in office areas

o             Avoid air hoses, cables or stringing cords across hallways in any designated aisle

o             All storerooms, passageways, work areas and service areas should be kept orderly and clean

Slip and fall accidents at the workplace can be prevented by taking an active role in ensuring good housekeeping of the work areas. Make sure your employees have been trained on basic safety standards and know your company’s safety policies.

Follow the four tips above to prevent workplace fall accidents. Read about how you can make use of the fall protection systems.


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